Release Date Press Release Title
  2010/06/21 Zhanyi WWTP Passes Final Inspection
  2010/06/18 Yiliang WWTP Passes Final Inspection
  2010/06/18 Zhanyi WWTP Passes Final Inspection
  2008/12/31 High-Ranking Provincial Official inspects Zhenyuan WWTP
  2008/10/29 HTI signs with Rucheng, Jiangsu
  2008/09/08 U.S. Asst. Secretary of Commerce honors Haní»s Technologies
  2008/09/08 HTI Attends Xiamen Conference
  2008/08/13 Guizhou Provincial Construction Bureau Chief Inspects Zhenyuan WWTP
  2008/06/26 WWC signs with Ninghua (Sanming) in Hong Kong
  2008/04/25 WWC attends conference in Honghe, Yunnan
  2008/01/22 US Consul-General in Chengdu James A. Boughner visits WWC
  2007/05/23 Sino-US Workshop: Infrastructure BOT Project for China's Western Small-median Cities
  2007/05/02 U.S. Dept. of Commerce official visits Xi-tang WWTP
  2006/11/20 US Secretary of Commerce Represents Han's Tech in China
  2006/11/20 HTI Hosts BOT Forum in Beijing
  2006/09/17 HTI Builds School for Underprivileged Children
  2006/08/11 Western Water's First Annual Training Session held in Zhijin
  2006/07/16 HTI Tech Is Guest Speaker at American Water Works Association (AWWA) 2006
  2006/02/15 Xi-Tang WWTP Kicked off
  2006/02/09 US Report:ETTAC Member Opens Wastewater Treatment Plant in China
  2005/11/29 First Two Han's BOT Water Treatment Plants Now in Operation
  2005/11/17 CREG forms Strategic Partner with HTI
  2005/01/12 Han's Tech builds township water system in SW China
  2004/08/02 Zhenyuan WWTP: First BOT WWTP Project in Southwest China
  2004/06/04 HTI Receives Credit Rating from D&B Street
  2004/05/31 Mr. Xia on Board of US ETTAC
  2004/03/19 Guizhou: Open the Door of Overall Infrastructure Project
  2004/01/15 Opening Ceremony for The GEIP Infrastructure Project
  2003/05/01 HTI to Receive Export AWARD From California State
  2003/04/10 HTI Received Export AWARD From US DOC