Han's Technologies, Inc. (HTI), Western Water's Oakland-based parent company, has been building plants in China since 1998. Han's engineers have in total built ten (10) state of the art wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) including BOTs owned and operated by Western Water Group. Most plants use Han's SBR, and they have a cumulative total capacity of over 1,000,000 m3/day (265 MGD).

Zhan-yi BOT WWTP,Yunnan
Yi-liang BOT WWTP,Yunnan
Ning-hua BOT WWTP,Fujian
Xi-tang BOT WWTP,Zhejiang
Yin-chuan first WWTP, Ningxia
Xiao-he WWTP (I), Guizhou
Bao-an WWTP, Shenzhen
Long-gang WWTP, Shenzhen
Nan-shan WWTP, Shenzhen
Qin-zhen WWTP, Guizhou
Hua-xi WWTP, Guizhou
Mei-xian WWTP, Guangdong
Zhen-yuan BOT WWTP,Guizhou

In addition, as Phase I of the "Guizhou Environmental Improvement Project" (GEIP), Western Water has built and owned the following water treatment plants and relevant water supply piping systems in China's Guizhou province.

Qian-xi BOT Piped Water System, Guizhou
Na-yong BOT water supply System, Guizhou
Zhi-jin BOT Piped Water System, Guizhou
He-zhang BOT Piped Water System, Guizhou
Da-fang BOT Piped Water & Reservoir, Guizhou